Readings on the State of the Art in Rendering

Last week at work a junior colleague asked me where do I get the presentations I’ve been reading from. This made me realise that, understandably, it might not be so obvious and common knowledge for people just starting graphics programming so I compiled a list of online resources I am frequently using to study the state of the art in Rendering.

Finally, follow other graphics programmers on Twitter. The graphics community there is great and shares a lot of tips and advice about graphics techniques. Also some of the graphics programmers have blogs which are worth following.

Even if you don’t have much graphics experience don’t feel intimidated and avoid studying these resources. At the very least, skim through them to get the gist and to see the results. As you build experience things will click into place. Don’t be discouraged by the Maths of a technique if you find it hard initially, you can always come back later. I suspect many experienced graphics programmers often skip it during the first pass, I know I do (yes, it will probably take you many reads to fully understand a technique).

If I have missed any important state-of-the-art graphics resource please add it in the comment sections and I will update the list.


Readings on the State of the Art in Rendering

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